Wednesday, June 30, 2010

40k - Fire Angels: Time for a repaint

Finally finished unpacking after the move and looked at my collection of Fire Angels. They were looking pretty sad, most of them that I painted white overall were a nice color beige or tinted yellow (they are prety old). So I decided to strip most of them down and repaint them.
Painting them white overall is just to much to work and I can never get the effect I like, its almost as bad as yellow. Anyways I have completed a few already and added some new models; I am going to have two patterns white/red and black with mustard flames.

                                                                  Standard Pattern Vanguard
Sagan Moon Pattern Assault Squad

Sunday, June 27, 2010

20mm - Modern 90's

Finally got around to finishing some of the US Moderns, they are painted for a fictional game in Central/South America.
Three fire teams each with M16/M203, 2 M16, and a SAW
Support team: Officer, Sgt, RTO, Ammo Carrier, M60
Operatives: SAW, M16, Shotgun
Operatives: M16/M203, M16/Scope, Sniper  Rifle
Operatives: M16, MP5, M16