Saturday, September 22, 2012

40k - Tyrant's Legion: Corpsetaker unit

Picked up the Forgeworld apothecary set, one of which I will be using for a Corpsetaker. It is a great set and well worth the price. For servitors I found some old tech guard models that I am thinking as using for servitors. Just need to find some bits to represent chainswords or actual chainswords. I really do not see the servitors as being over the top creations with crazy chaosy addons. They are basically there to help the Corpsetaker collect material in the field and process it in the lab.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

40k - Tyrant's Legion: Demi-Legion update

The legion is coming together.
Looking at adding a Leman Russ in grey color scheme to act as command tank for the others .
With the new flyer rules the legion needs a Vulture badly, plus its a great add on.
Played a 1000 point game the other day and the "Tyrant's Due" rule (+1 cover save) saved a few of the valiant marines.

Was thinking of including a Corpe Taker, but have to look into to making at least four servitors. Maybe some kind of cadian/scout hybrid.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

40k - Tyrants Legion: On the work bench

Getting ready to paint last squad of auxilia troops (10 + AC) and a brute for maruader squad.

Finally finished the Hellhound, its magnetized so I can swap out the turret and hull weapons. Extra weapons are stored in the Chimera.

 Just need to touch up two old Leman Russ and build a new one too complete the squadron.

Friday, July 6, 2012

20mm - Miniature Comparison

Just a quick 20mm comparison .

Liberation Miniatures, Elhiem Figures x2, and SHQ

Liberation Miniatures: Liberation has a large range of figures covering mostly the modern era infantry, some scifi figures, and they also carry the Hotspur range (IRC) of  SCW Figures. These tend to be on the heavier side for 20mm miniatures, which I prefer for survivability reasons (broken ankles). Ordering is difficult since there is no shopping cart on web page, apprently ordering is done thru FAX. More good sculpts in pack than bad.
Elhiem Figures: Elhiem range also mostly covers the modern range from police to modern infantry. These tend to be medium sculpts and have great detail. My only worry is the thickness of the ankles, they are not kid or drunken gamer resistant like Liberation. Can  be ordered directly on the web site or thru Syr Hobbs Wargames (great people) in the states. All sculpts in pack good.
SHQ: I have purchased a few figures (WWII and Vietnam) from SHQ a long time ago. They tend to be smaller than other figures and do not mix well. Hence I only have a couple of Vietnam figs left. More bad than good sculpts. Some poses just do not look right to me.

This is really subjective and depends on how you like your figures to look.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

20mm - Old back up

Lack of funds has stunted progress in the Tryant's Legion and I also need to save some cash for next edition. Luckily I have a stash of 20mm stuff to work on; cleaned up the old stuff and painted some new stuff. (still working with the camera to take macro shots)

US Infantry

2 Character models
1 LMG wpn team
1 SMAW wpn team
3 Fire Teams
-  AR/GL, 2 AR, and SAW

Cobra Troopers

1 Charecter model
1 Sniper team
1 LMG team
4 Squads
-  6 AR, RPG, and SAW

Some armor support for the Cobra troops include a tank and a couple of reconnaissance tankettes.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

40K: Tyrant's Legion

Finished second cohort and attached Rhino. Still have a few random space marines laying around, may add them in later to the two squads.
Did alot of touch ups on the marauder squad, they were pretty banged up, just need to save up some cash for brute. They size up pretty good with the Cadian models.