Wednesday, March 9, 2016

15mm DBA/HOTT - Early Hungarian III/68

          My take on a early Hungarian army using Black Hat miniatures from their feudal range. The heraldry is a conglomeration of stuff I found on the web and may be completely fictional. For the fantasy variant I will probably add another knight (Hospitaller) and a cleric unit.

          DBA 3.0                                                      
          General                                 1x3Kn(Gen)    
          Hungarian Nobles                 1x3Kn           
          Hungarian Gentry                 1x3Kn or 3Cv 
          Hungarian Horse Archers     3xLh                
          Szekely Borderers                 1xLh                
          Hungarian Foot                     2x4Sp
          Croat Foot                             2x4Sp or 4Ax
          Hungarian Slav                     1xPs
          General                                 1         3Kn(Gen)     2AP
          Hungarian Nobles                 1-2     3Kn              2AP
          Hungarian Gentry                 0-1     3Cv               2AP
          Hungarian Horse Archers     1-3       Lh               2AP
          Szekely Borderers                 1          Lh               2AP
          Hungarian Foot                     1-2     4Sp               2AP
          Croat Foot                             0-2     4Sp               2AP
          Croat Foot                             0-2     4Ax               2AP
          Hungarian Slav                     1           Ps               1AP
General and Knights

Light Horse and Cavalry

Spear, Auxilia, and Psiloi

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

15mm DBA/HOTT - Beastmen

          Finished painting up the batch of the Demonworld beastmen miniatures for the army. I will
hopefully be adding a chariot later if I can find suitable animals to use. The ogres are old Ral Partha D&D miniatures from the 15mm Ogres of Dragonspear pack.
          I intend on using a variant of DBA 3.0 called D3H2, that I received from a poster on the Fanaticus forum.

          Warrior(Gen)                  1   Bd(F)     2AP
          Warriors                       4-6   Bd(F)    2AP
          Herd (Standard)           0-2   Hd(F)    1AP
          Ogres                            0-2   Bh         4AP
          Hero                             0-1   Hr         4AP
Hero (DW), General (DW), Behemoths (RP)
Blades (DW), Hordes (DW)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Alpha Strike - Kitbash Wasp Battlemech

          Looking for other small cheap mechs to use, I decided on the 20 ton Wasp. The WK model for the Wasp when compared to the other models looks more like a 30 ton Valkyrie and the Stinger model is just to small. So I slapped together another bug mech with parts from clickytech models; body/arms from a Stinger, legs from a Forestry mech, and the head from a Mjolnir. I was trying to get something close to a Stinger 3S mech, but the chest seems way off to me. I may need to start over and carve up the chest to get the abdomen to look similar to the drawing. In the drawing the weapons also look to small to be medium lasers, so I lengthened out the arm.
 Locust (20t), Wasp (20t), Koshi (25t)
Arbalest (25t), Wasp (20t), Wasp (20t)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Alpha Strike - Kitbash Flea Battlemech 2

            Finally casted up several of the Flea models. Had a few issues with the feet, so some of were cut off and replaced with plastic stock as a quick fix. There also are few air bubble around the cockpit and rear cowling. Other than the above they came out all right even with my amateur level skills. Next time I make a mold I need to place a few thin pieces of plastic sheet to bridge areas where air can be trapped.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Alpha Strike - Kitbash Flea Battlemech

          I needed a cheap light mech to use as cannon fodder. So I kitbashed a Flea battlemech from a toy Star Wars AT-DP, legs from a Gambit battlemech, and medium pulse lasers from a couple of Bellona vehicles. The Flea is basically a slow, squat, and up armored version of the Locust battlemech (one of a few 20 ton bug mechs).  It is not exactly like the art work, but it is close enough for me. Just need to order supplies to cast up a handful of them.
Locust (20t), Flea (20t), Koshi (25t)


Monday, November 9, 2015

20mm - A few Cobra Vehicles

          Added a few more vehicles to the Cobra force. I am staying with the standard black motif since it is easy to paint and it stands out on the table. Also camouflage is for concealment and Cobra wants everyone to know who they are.
          The toy version of the FANG is a armed gyrocopter, which looks a little to fragile to really do anything useful.

           I found a couple of helicopters from Matchbox that I am going to use as FANGs. To me they look a little less gimmicky and less likely of being shot down with a slingshot. I still need to add a couple of rockets or pods to the weapon mounts. They will be used for terrain or placed on magnetized flight stands to buzz around the board.
           I also picked up a bunch of Airfix 1/76 Landrover trucks. That I painted up as transport trucks to get the troopers around and a ambulance that was converted to a communication van.
Image result for airfix model land rover 1 tonne


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Alpha Strike - Simple Terrain 2

     Picked up a few 9"x7"x6" storage crates at Walmart for a couple of dollars each. With some cutting, a little sheet plastic and paint they make decent buildings. I still need to add some clear plastic for windows. Again I did not add any details, since I am not sure exactly what they will represent.