Wednesday, March 28, 2018

15mm DBA/HOTT - Teutonic Orders IV/30

     My take on aTeutonic Order army using Black Hat miniatures from their 15mm feudal range. Since the army represents an organized force, I kept the overall paint scheme thru out. I have enough stands for two DBA armies, thanks to a defunct feudal DBMM army. The horde stand is based as a fast horde mainly just to save on figures For the fantasy variant I added a Hero stand, I was thinking of also adding a cleric but it just does not seem right. 

          DBA 3.0                                                      
          General                                 1x3Kn(Gen)    
          Ritterbruder                           1x3Kn           
          Knechte                                 1x3Cv 
          Crusaders                              3x3Kn
          Crusaders                              1x3Kn               
          Turkopolen                             1xLh                
          Spearman                              1x4Sp
          Crossbow                               2x4Cb
          Levy Foot                               1x3Ax or 7Hd

          General                                1         3Cv               2AP
          Crusaders                           4-5       3Kn               2AP
          Knechte                                1        3Cv                2AP
          Turkopolen                           1          LH                2AP
          Spearman                            1          Sp                 2AP
          Crossbow                             1          Cb                2AP
          Levy Foot                            0-1        Ax                2AP
          Levy Foot                            0-1        Hd                1AP
          Hero                                    0-1        Hr                 4AP
 Cavalry, Knights, Light Horse

 Spear, Crossbow, Auxilia, Horde

Knight Generals


Sunday, March 18, 2018

15mm DBA/HOTT - ORC (EIR stand in)

          One of my Orc armies is based on the Early Imperial Rome army list II/56, with a bow swap (4Bw to 3Bw) . Why base it on EIR list. Mainly so I could use it as a DBA army in a pinch, also I like that it has a lot of unit options. I am still looking for suitable artillery model for the army. The stands are all composed of Metal Magic Miniatures. 

          DBA 3.0                                                      
          General                                1x3Cav or 4Bd(Gen)    
          Cavalry                                 1x3Cav          
          Warriors                                4x4Bd 
          Lesser Warriors                    3x4Ax                
          Option A                               1x3Cv or 4Ax or 3Bw or Ps                
          Option B                               1xLH or Ps or 3Bd
          Option C                               1xLH or Art 
          For the HOTT version added a Hero, Magician, and a 3Bd.

          General                                1         3Cv or 4Bd    2AP
          Cavalry                                1-2      3Cv                2AP
          Scouts                                  0-2      LH                 2AP
          Warriors                                4         4Bd               2AP
          Lesser Warriors                    3-4      4Ax               2AP
          Fanatic Warriors                   0-2      3Bd               2AP
          Archers                                 0-1      Sh                 3AP
          Skirmishers                           0-2      Ps                1AP
          Hero                                      0-1      Hr                 4AP
          Shaman                                0-1      Mg                4AP

Cavalry and Blade general

Blades, Auxilia, Fast Blades, Bow/Shooters, and Psilio

Cavalry and Light Horse

Hero and Magician

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Alpha Strike - Easy kitbash Marksman M1

          I have been looking for vehicles (chassis) that are reasonably in scale and can be easily modified to fit the general theme of a vehicle. Recently I picked up a couple of Hotwheel UNSC Scorpion tanks at the local grocery store for four dollars each. I cannot tell what scale it is, other than Hotwheel scale. Used two magnets to attach the turret and a hole punch to make a disc to cover the hole where the mg turret was. Its nothing complicated, but it looks more like the 95 ton tank that it should be.


Friday, November 24, 2017

Alpha Strike - Kitbash Wasp Battlemech 2

Valkyrie (30t), Wasp (20t)

          Finally got around to casting up the Wasp model. Just not really happy with the head, but it will due for now. 

Looking at the WK Wasp; I have decided to use it as a 30 ton Valkyrie. Its close enough.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

15mm DBA/HOTT - Early Hungarian III/68

          My take on a early Hungarian army using Black Hat miniatures from their feudal range. The heraldry is a conglomeration of stuff I found on the web and may be completely fictional. For the fantasy variant I will probably add another knight (Hospitaller) and a cleric unit.

          DBA 3.0                                                      
          General                                 1x3Kn(Gen)    
          Hungarian Nobles                 1x3Kn           
          Hungarian Gentry                 1x3Kn or 3Cv 
          Hungarian Horse Archers     3xLh                
          Szekely Borderers                 1xLh                
          Hungarian Foot                     2x4Sp
          Croat Foot                             2x4Sp or 4Ax
          Hungarian Slav                     1xPs
          General                                 1         3Kn(Gen)     2AP
          Hungarian Nobles                 1-2     3Kn              2AP
          Hungarian Gentry                 0-1     3Cv               2AP
          Hungarian Horse Archers     1-3       Lh               2AP
          Szekely Borderers                 1          Lh               2AP
          Hungarian Foot                     1-2     4Sp               2AP
          Croat Foot                             0-2     4Sp               2AP
          Croat Foot                             0-2     4Ax               2AP
          Hungarian Slav                     1           Ps               1AP
General and Knights

Light Horse and Cavalry

Spear, Auxilia, and Psiloi

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

15mm DBA/HOTT - Beastmen

          Finished painting up the batch of the Demonworld beastmen miniatures for the army. I will hopefully be adding a chariot later if I can find suitable animals to use. The ogres are old Ral Partha D&D miniatures from the 15mm Ogres of Dragonspear pack.
          I intend on using a variant of DBA 3.0 called D3H2, that I received from a poster on the Fanaticus DBA Wargaming site (

          Warrior(Gen)                  1   Bd(F)     2AP
          Warriors                       4-6   Bd(F)    2AP
          Herd (Standard)           0-2   Hd(F)    1AP
          Ogres                            0-2   Bh         4AP
          Hero                             0-1   Hr         4AP
Hero (DW), General (DW), Behemoths (RP)

Blades (DW), Hordes (DW)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Alpha Strike - Kitbash Wasp Battlemech

          Looking for other small cheap mechs to use, I decided on the 20 ton Wasp. The WK model for the Wasp when compared to the other models looks more like a 30 ton Valkyrie and the Stinger model is just to small. So I slapped together another bug mech with parts from clickytech models; body/arms from a Stinger, legs from a Forestry mech, and the head from a Mjolnir. I was trying to get something close to a Wasp 3S mech, but the chest seems way off to me. I may need to start over and carve up the chest to get the abdomen to look similar to the drawing. In the drawing the weapons also look to small to be medium lasers, so I lengthened out the arm.

 Locust (20t), Wasp (20t), Koshi (25t)
Arbalest (25t), Wasp (20t), Stinger (20t)