Sunday, April 17, 2011

40k - Fire Angels: Rebasing

Finally got the 40mm bases for the Terminators.

Rebased ten of the Terminators, a stand in for Invictus (used to love the linked plasma), and a librarian to round out the group.
The Combi-melta is for the scout biker sergeant, thanks Tristan.
After the Terminators are completed, I need to finish the last tactical squad.
I was thinking of starting a small Tyrant's Legion, to mess around with.
Went through some boxes and have enough for around 18 marines, 3 heavy weapons, and maybe a Rhino ( ebay rescue). There is also a Cadian batteforce box minus the Sentinel. So I would have to pick up a few more Cadians and a couple of Leman Russes to give them some punch.
Just a thought, right now.