Saturday, January 23, 2016

Alpha Strike - Kitbash Wasp Battlemech

          Looking for other small cheap mechs to use, I decided on the 20 ton Wasp. The WK model for the Wasp when compared to the other models looks more like a 30 ton Valkyrie and the Stinger model is just to small. So I slapped together another bug mech with parts from clickytech models; body/arms from a Stinger, legs from a Forestry mech, and the head from a Mjolnir. I was trying to get something close to a Wasp 3S mech, but the chest seems way off to me. I may need to start over and carve up the chest to get the abdomen to look similar to the drawing. In the drawing the weapons also look to small to be medium lasers, so I lengthened out the arm.

 Locust (20t), Wasp (20t), Koshi (25t)
Arbalest (25t), Wasp (20t), Stinger (20t)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Alpha Strike - Kitbash Flea Battlemech 2

            Finally casted up several of the Flea models. Had a few issues with the feet, so some of were cut off and replaced with plastic stock as a quick fix. There also are few air bubble around the cockpit and rear cowling. Other than the above they came out all right even with my amateur level skills. Next time I make a mold I need to place a few thin pieces of plastic sheet to bridge areas where air can be trapped.