Monday, August 1, 2011

40k - Magnetized Predator

Finally got around to starting he Predator.
Magnets are great; I am going to get Predator, Rhino, and a Razorback (with 2xHB from the Landraider).

Think I am going to have to add some support to the turret magnet.


  1. it is looking good, assuming you are gluing the rear door shut? the 2xLas turrets are easy to make, i'd recommend a 40mm base w 25mm washer glued underneath as a base. next up i plan to make some LasPlas turrets with something like this. keep up the good work!

    here's my magnetizing post, i added one to each corner for things like HK missiles
    + add't post about vindicator magnetizing.

  2. Love the LasPlas turrets, going to have to plan on making a couple of those.
    Also going to copy your Vindicator never thought of having a pop off front.