Sunday, January 22, 2012

40K: Tyrant's Legion

Finished second cohort and attached Rhino. Still have a few random space marines laying around, may add them in later to the two squads.
Did alot of touch ups on the marauder squad, they were pretty banged up, just need to save up some cash for brute. They size up pretty good with the Cadian models.


  1. The beast men look great along side the guard, good job. Out of interest did you see the badab picture in the newest white dwarf? They show some of the tyrant legion guardsmen in it.

  2. Thanks
    I have not seen the pictures yet, have to run down to FLGS and take a look.

  3. Wow, the guard units are almost the same color patern as mine (better painted of course). I have been running Fire Angels with Hvy Bolter and meltas forever to. I think GW and I are psychicly linked.