Saturday, August 11, 2012

40k - Tyrant's Legion: Demi-Legion update

The legion is coming together.
Looking at adding a Leman Russ in grey color scheme to act as command tank for the others .
With the new flyer rules the legion needs a Vulture badly, plus its a great add on.
Played a 1000 point game the other day and the "Tyrant's Due" rule (+1 cover save) saved a few of the valiant marines.

Was thinking of including a Corpe Taker, but have to look into to making at least four servitors. Maybe some kind of cadian/scout hybrid.


  1. That looks amazing! Such a great looking force well done. How many points is it all worth?

    1. If I use one of the centurions as Commodus and add a Basilisk artillery strike it comes out to a total of around 1725 points. This does not include the uncompleted stuff.