Saturday, July 26, 2014

Alpha Strike - Basing Infantry

     Going to base infantry and battle armor as below on 50mm hexagons from Litko Game Accessories Why 50mm, because it is the closest size I could find to two inches. I like two inch hexagons because the majority of the miniatures fit on them, and hexagons are battletechy.
     I will also be cutting up the MechWarrior infantry bases; mainly for aesthetic reasons.
     Anyway, standard rifle infantry will be based with twelve figures to a base and special weapon infantry (SRM/Laser) will have six to a base. Inner Sphere based battle armor will have four to a base and Clan battle armor will be five to a base.
Left to Right - Elite Infantry, Kanazuchi BA, SRM Infantry, and Cavalier BA

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Alpha Strike - Miniature size

      A lot of the miniatures in the MechWarrior line are not to scale with each other, which is understandable since they are really are just used to represent a specific unit. This is really evident in the vehicles, which are all over the place scale wise. But  as long as it fits on the hex base it is acceptable to me.
      Mechs on the other hand, I have a problem with, so I selected three mechs as standards to measure compatibility. So as long as they fit within the range I will use them.

            Standards - Atlas III (100tons), Centurion Omni (50tons), Koshi (25tons)
There are also some that I am uncertain about, because they just seem off to me. The two light mechs on the right just seem way to small to me.

   Locust (20tons), Koshi (25tons), Phoenix Hawk L (35tons), Mjolnir (25tons)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Alpha Strike - Summer Project

     Picked up a copy of Alpha Strike and it seems to be rather beer and chips friendly game. It is a streamlined (simplified) version of Battletech, that allows a players to run multiple mechs and finish a game in a reasonable amount of time.
     Instead of having a sheet of paper to record a single mech, the information has been reduced to an index card. It has been described as a paper version of clickytech without the restraints of preprinted dials. The cards for the mechs, vehicles, and infantry can be found here at the Master Unit List page at this site .
     I have a box of the prepainted MechWarrior minis in the closet that I will be using for miniatures. Supposedly they are N-scale and they just need to be removed from the bases.