Monday, November 9, 2015

20mm - A few Cobra Vehicles

          Added a few more vehicles to the Cobra force. I am staying with the standard black motif since it is easy to paint and it stands out on the table. Also camouflage is for concealment and Cobra wants everyone to know who they are.
          The toy version of the FANG is a armed gyrocopter, which looks a little to fragile to really do anything useful.

           I found a couple of helicopters from Matchbox that I am going to use as FANGs. To me they look a little less gimmicky and less likely of being shot down with a slingshot. I still need to add a couple of rockets or pods to the weapon mounts. They will be used for terrain or placed on magnetized flight stands to buzz around the board.
           I also picked up a bunch of Airfix 1/76 Landrover trucks. That I painted up as transport trucks to get the troopers around and a ambulance that was converted to a communication van.
Image result for airfix model land rover 1 tonne


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